Friday, July 01, 2005

The Great Termite Massacre of 2005

Summer brings with it neighborhood walks after dinner. Dandelions and daisies and dirt are the main attractions for the children, but this night the main attraction was a log in a vacant lot with lots of termite swarmers crawling all over it.

In the mind of a four year old, it is only logical that since the termites will shed their wings and burrow into the log, that the termites need help removing said wings. Soon, two year olds are heard to say "I take wings off!"

It wasn't long before a darker side appeared. "Come on, Mikaela! Let's kill them so they can be dead! Remember, we're dieing them!" Mikaela decided to lovingly carry one around with her. She didn't notice when the head or legs were removed...

Many termites knew the feeling to be squished by a toddler that evening, I assure you.


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