Thursday, August 25, 2005

Signing Checks to Ward Off Double Pneumonia...

Holy crap.

I've been down for three straight days with pneumonia. I had been feeling just a little sluggish on Sunday evening, but then at 4 in the morning it felt like someone hit me in the ribs with a baseball bat. But, I had "stuff to do", so I went off to work, and to collect the family van which was in the repair shop.

At work, no improvement was noted, and a phone conversation with my doctor's office led to a recommendation of immediate medical attention.

So, 1 chest x-ray and 3 blood samples later, there I was bent over the exam table accepting 1.2 million units of penicillin in my derriere. I don't even know what a "unit" of penicillin is, but I know 1.2 million of 'em hurt like the dickens. Unfortunately, during the required "stick around to make sure you don't die of an allergic reaction" period, my vision went all gray and I had to lie down.

This did not do wonders for my doctor's opinion of my ability to drive myself home, so a large drama involving lots of children being driven needlessly about the greater bay area unfolded that evening. 1.2 million thank yous to Alex and Cherlene for getting me home that evening.

And then two days of complete bedrest.

Just another wonderful week...


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