Friday, September 23, 2005

Graphic Design Goof: Yahoo! Puked on my Computer

So after weeks of Yahoo Instant Messenger nagging me to upgrade in one of it's eight thousand popup advertisements, I finally acquiesced. I don't really like Yahoo's IM client, but my wife insists on using it, and my experience with multi-lingual clients like Trillian has not been positive. So, I stick with the bloated pile of adware that is Yahoo.

After believing I had successfully installed YIM without all the crappy "toolbars" and other stuff that clutters up my universe, the installer displayed the final "You're done!" screen, and what did I see, but the little happy face guy blowing chunks on my screen. What does it mean that the purple streams of technicolor vomit don't cast a shadow?

Great, thanks Yahoo. Now I feel like you guys are intentionally puking on my computer when I fail to uncheck the little "Install evil toolbar" button. What was that url for Google Talk again?



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