Thursday, January 12, 2006

White Guys + Rapping = Crazy Racist

Baltimore City Paper's Vincent Williams, actin' like he never seen parody before, just about has an aneurysm over the Lazy Sunday video.

... you know what? I just find the whole thing vaguely racist. No, hear me out. It’s like, the very concept of Parnell and Samberg, who appear to be two suburban white guys, rapping about going to a nerdy movie is intrinsically funny. Why is that? Is it because rapping is expected to be reserved for hyperviolent, hypersexualized, and, of course, hyperblack discussion of killin’, jewelry, and, of course, bitches?

Yeah, that must be it. I guess we can call him Johnnie Cochran by the way he's droppin' race cards.

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