Saturday, October 13, 2007

We Can Buy It Today, Daddy!

"We can buy it today, Daddy!"

Those excited words came while Sabina and the twins were watching a show. Uh-oh, I thought, I let them see a commercial.

I was right, Sabina had seen an advertisement for Barbie Island Princess, and she was excited because they told her we could buy it today! I explained that we weren't going shopping just then, but perhaps she could ask for it for Christmas. This was a very popular idea, so she instantly started using her newfound ability to write to compose a Christmas gift wish list. She invited input from the twins as well. Here is what they came up with:


  • Barbie Island Princess movie (Ilind Prisses Moove as she wrote)
  • Barbie Princess Rapunzel (doll I suppose, need to check if she already has this)
  • Toy Table and Toy Stove ("that I can cook real food in!")
  • More Barbies


  • Car with a Roof - he's got a red remote control convertible, he wants one with a roof.
  • Firetruck
  • Toy airplane that comes apart, bigger than the one he already has


  • toy instrument (drum)


  • Tinkertoys
  • Umbrellas
  • 3 Candy Canes
  • 3 pumpkins
  • Christmas Decorations
She finished off with:
I wil lev sum coocees owt. I love you

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